The Covid Law Group represents small business owners across the country in claims against their insurance companies for damages related to the COVID pandemic.

Why You Need COVID Law Group

  • Most business owners have standard Business Owner Insurance Policies that are intended to cover a business for any interruption of their regular business operations for loss of income and operational expenses.
  • To avoid paying claims, most insurance companies have preemptively invoked a blanket denial for all claims related to the COVID pandemic.
  • In doing so, the insurance industry is taking a position squarely contrary to its purpose – to insure businesses against unexpected losses that are out of its control.

About COVID Law Group

  • Formed by experienced attorneys across the U.S. to represent business owners in claims against their insurance companies related to the COVID pandemic.
  • We review policies, at no cost, to determine whether there is a right to be compensated for the impacts of COVID on the business.
  • We specialize in Business Interruption, Loss of Income and Extra Expense claims against property and casualty insurance companies.
  • Hundreds of years in combined experience in processing claims and litigating cases against insurance companies across the country.

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